In the year 2000, the Peruvian government established the Tambopata National Reserve. The goal of the reserve is to protect the flora and fauna of Peru’s south rainforests.
Tambopata is home to a variety of habitats. There are over 100 mammal species and around 600 plant species. According to scientists, there are also over 1000 species of native butterflies there. As a result, Tambopata is one of Peru’s most bio diverse areas.


Tambopata is located in the Madre de Dios region. Its elevation ranges from 200 to 400 meters above sea level. With an average temperature of 26° C, it has a tropical climate. The weather is hot and humid. It’s worth noting that the Tambopata and Heath rivers both run through the reserve. These rivers are responsible for the unique ecosystem that exists there.


Tambopata is a popular destination in Peru. Visitors can explore Lake Sandoval and the various oxbow lakes. Other popular sites are the Collpas. The Collpas are places where macaws and parrots gather to eat clay. So, they are the perfect spot for bird sighting.

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Macaw Clay 2 Days Tambopata

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